Diageo Asia Pacific 

Diageo Asia Pacific

Our Asia Pacific business is balanced between the established markets of Korea, Japan and Australia and the emerging markets of China, India and South-east Asia. More recently, with the rapidly growing number of Asian travelers, the Global Travel and Middle East business unit has also been included into the region. The regional demographics are also in our favour, with the number of Legal Drinking Age consumers increasing by approximately 50 million each year, mostly in China, India and South-east Asia. The total beverage alcohol net sales pool in Asia Pacific is worth around £78bn and is growing at around 6% compound annual growth rate.

Diageo is the leading international spirits company in Asia Pacific with over 30% share. Our total beverage alcohol brand range gives us access to the widest possible profit pool in Asia Pacific. Our strategy is to win by being a total beverage alcohol player, playing both within international spirits, beer, ready-to-serve and local spirits, as we have started with innovations like Benmore in Thailand and Rowson’s Reserve in India, and our investments in Shui Jing Fang in China and Halico in Vietnam.

Our brands have achieved these leadership positions through a combination of sustained leading edge marketing, outstanding innovation and a strong network of partnerships delivering deep local insights and strong routes to market.