Diageo Technology Ventures

At Diageo we want to partner with the most innovative technology companies and pioneering entrepreneurs around the world to deliver breakthrough innovation for both our business and our industry.

For this reason we have created Diageo Technology Ventures, a programme specifically designed to solve some of our existing business challenges and unlock new opportunities for future growth by working with emerging technology companies.

Diageo Technology Ventures makes it easy for new companies to engage with Diageo for the opportunity to:

  • Prove their technology by working with some of our world-leading brands to deliver pilot projects
  • Work collaboratively with world-class marketers, brand leaders and mentors
  • Leverage the global reach and influence of Diageo to scale up solutions

How does it work?

Throughout the year Diageo Technology Ventures will develop and publish a number of innovation briefs on this page. Each brief will focus on a different challenge or opportunity for our business and comes with a committed pilot budget of $100,000 to support the project, as well as a Diageo team ready to work with the successful applicant.

Applicants submitting the best solutions will be invited to pitch their idea in person to the Diageo team leading the brief. If successful, we will work with you to develop your pilot plan, which will be submitted to Diageo Technology Ventures for final funding approval, before moving to pilot-testing.

Applicants are invited to respond to any of our briefs via the F6S portal. We will likely pilot a number of potential solutions for each brief.

Our ambition is that successful pilots might lead to longer term strategic partnerships.

Who should apply?

We are looking for applicants from innovative digital and technology companies of all shapes and sizes, from new start-ups to established technology businesses. Successful companies are likely to have already proven their technology and will be looking to deploy it at scale.

Current Briefs


Counterfeiting is a problem for many well-known brands, from handbags to perfume to alcohol. Counterfeit products short change consumers on the legitimate value and quality they pay for, and can even be harmful to health.

Diageo is leading the spirits industry in our efforts to combat counterfeit. We are exploring technologies that enable us to authenticate product integrity in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Authenticate the integrity of the spirit in the bottle without breaking the seal
  2. Detect instances where genuine used bottles are refilled with cheap liquids, resealed and resold as new
  3. Enable consumers to interact and engage with digitally-enabled bottles, to check their authenticity
  4. Track the identity and origin of our bottles

Smart Packaging

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol, making & selling several billion bottles each year. We believe each of our bottles serves a function that's greater than a receptacle for liquids, as the point at which consumers experience and interact with our brands. Recent advancements in sensors, electronic printing, material sciences and mobile technologies enable amazing new possibilities for our packaging. We are exploring technologies that help make our 'bottles' smart towards the following ends:

  1. Each bottle serves as an interactive medium delivering engaging and relevant digital content to shoppers on their smart-phones
  2. Each bottle can be tracked as it moves through the supply chain – from distillery to store-shelf
  3. The integrity of each product can be authenticated


We are open to solutions approaching the problem from any angle. Companies will have proven technologies and be ready to work closely with us and our retail partners to get the solution to market. Diageo is particularly interested in solutions that can work in emerging markets.