Our beer brands accounted for approximately 22 per cent of net sales in our last financial year. Our collection includes the only global stout brand – our much adored Guinness, which recently celebrated the 250th anniversary of signing of lease on St James's Gate Brewery, Dublin.

We produce several other styles of beer including the famous Jamaican lager Red Stripe, Ireland's Kilkenny red ales and Senator Keg in Africa. Over recent years we have launched some fantastic innovations across the sector such as Foundry cider in South Africa. Our innovations also include pioneering technologies to deliver the perfect brand experience for our customers and consumers…. such as the first 'widget' beer, Guinness Draught in cans which won the Queen's award for Technology Achievement.

A selection of our beer brands include:


Top markets: Great Britain, Ireland, Nigeria, United States, Cameroon

Launch: In 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on a disused brewery at St James' Gate, Dublin. It cost him an initial £100 with an annual rent of £45.

The history of this iconic brand and world leading stout is a compelling story of invention, passion and belief. Famous for its Irish provenance and exceptional colour, this most prestigious of black beers is brewed in over 50 countries and enjoyed in around 150 worldwide.


There are two main Guinness variants: Guinness Draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

  • Guinness Draught, sold predominantly in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia, is available as Guinness Original, Extra Cold, Extra Smooth and most recently as Guinness Red.
  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout is the original export stout and is the key Guinness variant in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Fact: The perfect Guinness 'two-part pour' takes 119.5 seconds. One thing is never in doubt, Guinness is worth the wait.


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Harp lager

Top markets: Ireland, Australia, Canada, Africa, United States

Variants: 330ml and 500ml bottles

Launch: 1960

Harp, the best selling Irish lager, with its sparkling colour makes it a distinctive, yet approachable import.

Variants: 330ml and 500ml bottles

Fact: Harp was first created in 1960 under the guidance of renowned German Master brewer, Dr Herman Muender, who fused German beer knowledge with Irish brewing heritage to create a delicious blonde lager.

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Top markets: Canada, Australia, Ireland

Launch: 1710

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, with its deep red hue and rich, creamy head delivers a distinctively smooth and flavourful taste.

Variants: 440ml can

Fact: Kilkenny is craft brewed in the oldest operating brewery in Ireland.

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Smithwick's ale

Top markets: Ireland, Australia, Canada, US

Launch: The Smithwick's brewery was founded in 1710

Smithwick's Ale, a rich chestnut colour with a smooth classic taste.

Variants: 330ml and 500ml bottles

Fact: Smithwick's was originally brewed in St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, situated on the site of a Franciscan abbey where monks had brewed ale since the 14th century

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Tusker lager

Top markets: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

Launch: 1922

Tusker lager has been brewed in East Africa since 1922 and claims that special heritage of being the first beer in East Africa.

Variants: Tusker Export, Tusker Malt Lager

Fact: The lager we know as Tusker was first brewed in 1922 by two brothers, one of whom was later killed by a rogue elephant – hence its name Tusker.

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Red Stripe lager

Top markets: Jamaica, Great Britain, United States, Antigua

Launch: 1928

The first Red Stripe beer was heavy and dark – more like an ale.

Variants: Red Stripe light

Fact: Red Stripe was the official beer of the 2005 Ashes cricket series.

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Top markets: Cameroon

Launch: 1989

Satzenbrau is a quality lager reflective of modern consumer aspirations.

Fact: Satzenbrau was relaunched in 2006 to satisfy the demand in Cameroon for strong lager.

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Senator Keg

Top markets: Kenya

Launch: 2004

Senator Keg is a high quality, low priced beer providing an affordable alternative to illicit brews.

Fact: Senator Keg lager is a barley beer in a keg format that is accessible and provides an affordable and high quality alternative to illicit brews. The pioneering process of brewing a lager from only barley is the world's first, and is recognised internationally.

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Windhoek lager

Top markets: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola

Launch: 1920

Windhoek Lager is a premium, golden lager beer brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516, using only the finest imported ingredients certified to contain no genetically modified organisms.

Variants: Windhoek Draught, Windhoek Light

Fact: Received Gold at the 2005 international DLG * Awards in Berlin.

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