Diageo aims to achieve unrivalled performance in our supply chains through developing mutually rewarding relationships with suppliers who deliver excellent service, consistently achieve our quality standards, manage business risks, drive out cost and innovate to increase value. Equally we expect and encourage our suppliers to commit to achieve high standards and consistent progress in business ethics and sustainability'. David Gosnell – President Global Supply and Procurement

We define sustainable procurement as 'Ensuring that the goods and services we procure are produced and supplied with positive impact on society, the economy and are the most environmentally sustainable, while satisfying the commercial needs of a business for quality, reliability, innovation and value for money'

Our programme consists of three main priorities;

  1. Responsible procurement - Assuring the ethical sourcing of goods and services, to bring about a positive impact on the societies we buy from
  2. Sustainable agriculture - Creating shared value for our brands and stakeholders, through ensuring the sustainability of our raw material supply chains
  3. Renewable energy - Providing sustainable energy for our manufacturing sites.

Supported by the following enabling activities;

For more information, see our 2012 Sustainability & Responsibility Report.