As a sustainable business, we understand that consumers must trust Diageo, the quality of our brands, and the information we provide to them.

We focus on quality through our quality management system that aims to ensure that, among other things, our people are properly trained, responsibilities for quality are clear, quality is monitored, and targets are set for improvement. Through our Perfect Plant programme, we aim to create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement in the effectiveness and quality of our manufacturing.

We provide consumers with information about our brands - on labelling or online - to help them make informed choices. Our information policy applies to all Diageo-owned alcohol beverage brands and specifies coverage of allergens, alcohol content/serve size, as well as a responsible drinking reminder and mention of the website

We aim to engage consumers through cause-related campaigns and initiatives, primarily focused on responsible drinking but also on topics such as community involvement and environmental sustainability.

The relationships we develop with consumers are based on trust. When reaching consumers by email, text or direct mail, we include a chance to opt out of future contacts. We take steps to ensure that we only contact people over the legal purchase age and we do not sell or trade personal data.

The case study below features a closer look at one of our programmes:

Cîroc presents a safe drinking message to remember

22 January 2013

We want party-goers to enjoy themselves during the festive season – New Year's Eve should be a night to remember, not one to forget.READ MORE...