Building Thriving Communities

Our 2020 targets for building thriving communities include targets for sustainable supply chains, our people and our communities.

We understand that our distilleries, breweries and wineries are at the very heart of the communities in which we work, that we have a responsibility to create shared value – for our shareholders, our people who work so hard to make our business successful, and for the wider society that enables our business to flourish and grow.

We take great pride in developing the skills of our people, and just as much pride in bringing education, life skills training, social enterprise programmes and responsible drinking programmes to our communities. So we will strengthen our established programmes which focus on the three important areas of providing safe drinking water and sanitation (Water of Life), skills development particularly in the retail hospitality sector (Learning for Life) and women’s empowerment (Plan W).

All of our brands have a strong connection and long association with farming and we will continue to develop our work with local agricultural communities to support them and the long term supply of the ingredients we depend upon at a time when the impacts of climate change and changing world demands are increasingly challenging. That is why our commitments focus not only on working with farmers but also equipping them with the knowledge, tools and specialist support to develop sustainable agriculture value chains.

We believe in creating an environment for our people that will stretch, challenge and enable them to grow themselves and the business. Our commitments support this and look to build even stronger employee engagement, increase diversity and ensure that our business is conducted fairly throughout our value chain.


Thriving communities

Our community programmes enable those who live and work in our communities, particularly women, to have the skills and resources to build a better future for themselves. We will evaluate and report on the tangible impacts of our programmes.


Sustainable supply chains

  • Establish partnerships with farmers to develop sustainable agricultural supplies of key raw materials.
  • Source 80% of our agricultural raw materials locally in Africa by 2020.
  • Deliver our responsible sourcing commitments with suppliers to improve labour standards and human rights in our supply chains.
  • Act in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Our people

  • Build diversity, with 30% of leadership positions held by women and measures implemented to help female employees attain and develop in leadership roles.
  • Increase employee engagement to 80% - a top quartile performer on measures such as employee satisfaction, pride and loyalty. Raise our Performance Enablement score, which measures a link between engagement and performance commitment, to 83%.
  • Keep our people safe by achieving less than 1 Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate per 1000 employees and no fatalities