Water and the environment

We recognise that we are operating in a world where many natural resources that our business relies on, such as fossil fuels and water, are limited.

Measuring and managing our environmental impact is not only important for the planet, it is essential for the financial sustainability of our supply chain and our business. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact across the full range of our operations, and we are working to extend environmental standards further through our supply chain. One of our most critical environmental impacts of all is on water – a necessity for individuals, families, communities, and local economies, as well as fundamental to the sustainability of our business.

We see a need for establishing consistent, industry-wide approaches to measuring and reporting environmental impacts and are actively working with the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable toward this end.

Our environmental policy outlines our commitment to protect against the long-term critical depletion of natural resources and lasting damage to species, habitats, biodiversity and the climate.

To continuously drive improvement, we set ourselves a series of challenging targets to achieve by 2015 compared to a 2007 baseline in the areas of water, carbon emissions, and waste. These are mostly absolute targets which acknowledge that our existing impacts should be reduced in real terms, regardless of the future size of the business. In 2009, we added commitments covering our packaging.

We are reaching these goals through vigorous programmes in our supply operations, and increasingly engaging employees through our GREENIQ programme. GREENIQ enlists employees as environmental champions for their sites and then supports them through online networking, a news portal and awards programme.

For the latest information on our progress against these targets, as well as other environmental programmes, please see our online Sustainability & Responsibility Report

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