Minimising the waste of our production sites and offices is not only directly linked to cost savings, it has a cumulative effect on our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, water use, and other environmental impacts of our business.

We are making significant progress towards our target of eliminating all waste sent to landfill by 2015 and the list of our production sites sending zero waste to landfill continues to grow.

The launch of the GREENiQ programme has accelerated our progress towards this goal by rapidly raising awareness of the need to reduce waste in our offices, in addition to our supply sites.

For specific information about the progress we are making against our waste target, please visit our Sustainability & Responsibility Report.

The case study below gives a closer look at one of our programmes:

Sweet solution: feeding aniseed to cattle in Turkey

05 June 2013

An innovative use of the aniseed which flavours our raki brands means farmers in Turkey are benefiting from our drive to reduce the waste we send to landfill.READ MORE...