Diageo Foundation

Diageo FoundationThe Foundation is a registered charity funded entirely by Diageo. It makes grants in support of projects or causes proposed by Diageo businesses and externally.

Acknowledging that it cannot hope to address every social issue, the Foundation provides focus for our community investment programme by defining areas where we can make the most difference.

Targeting developing countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as awarding grants, the Foundation acts as a catalyst for:

  • encouraging contributions from Diageo businesses and external sources
  • engaging Diageo employees in fundraising, giving and volunteering
  • developing partnerships with NGOs and other external bodies
  • providing expertise and support for establishing and managing effective projects.

UK charity law requires that the Foundation does not directly promote Diageo's commercial interests. Its independence is the responsibility of trustees, appointed by the Diageo board from our businesses and functions, who approve new projects and work with external advisers and not-for-profit organisations with specialist expertise.

How to apply for funding from the Diageo Foundation

To be eligible for funding from the Diageo Foundation, projects must fall within one of the four key focus areas: Skills for Life, Water of Life, Local Communities or Disaster Relief. They must also demonstrate the following:

  • addressing a community/social need, in particular excluded and disadvantaged people who, with support, can help themselves to transform their own lives
  • building partnerships with community groups and NGOs
  • helping build the skills-base of individuals or communities
  • maximising grants to make them as effective as possible
  • building the economic prosperity of a community
  • planning a clear exit strategy and appropriate mechanisms to ensure that the benefits derived from the project are sustainable
  • having clear, well-defined objectives in place, including planned outcomes, desired impact, measurement and evaluation
  • enhancing the project, if appropriate, by working in partnerhsip with a local Diageo business

There is normally a three-year limit to any funding commitment

Outside our guidelines

Unfortunately, due to the demands made on the Foundation's funds, it is not possible to support all requests. The main areas normally considered to be outside the Foundation's guidelines are:

  • organisations which are not registered charities
  • individuals
  • loans, business finance or endowment funds
  • medical charities or hospitals
  • promotion of religion
  • animal welfare
  • expeditions or overseas travel
  • political organisations
  • advertising
  • product donations
  • capital projects (e.g. buildings)

Financial limits

The maximum funding available for any one project is £50,000. Payments are made normally over a maximum period of three years.

The Diageo Foundation encourages projects which obtain additional funding from external sources as this can lead to sustainability.

If you wish to apply, please write to us providing details of the project, how it relates to the Diageo Foundation's focus areas and the amount of funding required - on no more than two sides of a sheet of A4 paper. We will contact you if we require further details. You will normally receive written notification of whether your application has been successful or not within 6-8 weeks.

Please send applications to:
The Administrator
Diageo Foundation
7 Lakeside Drive
Park Royal
NW10 7HQ

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