Customers and consumers

We understand that consumers must trust Diageo, the quality of our brands, and the information we provide to them – while working closely with the businesses that retail our brands is vital for a long-term, sustainable business.

Our customers

Our customers are the businesses that distribute and retail our brands. We create business for customers by providing them with our brands and by offering commercial skills and resources.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best overall service in every market. In most areas we survey major customers, distributors, and our own employees annually to monitor the strength of our relationships and allow customers' views to be taken into account in our decision-making.

We also see our strategic relationships with major customers as a way of making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. For example, we have worked with customers to spread responsible drinking messages via on-site materials, consumer competitions and consumer magazines. We have trained customers on how to perform age verification checks, and we have worked with customers to promote recycling.

Our consumers

We make a 'quality promise' to our consumers every time they buy our brands. To keep this promise we always aim to meet or exceed our consumers' expectations.

Quality Standards

We do this by setting clear quality standards along our entire supply chain – from suppliers and raw materials to our manufacturing and distribution processes. We use internationally recognised quality management systems to ensure we meet these standards, and we train our people and work with our suppliers and supply chain partners to deliver the best quality products for our consumers to enjoy. We are never satisfied with our own performance and we set new, stretching quality targets every year to help us improve. More information on our quality performance is available in the Sustainability & Responsibility Performance Addendum to our Annual Report.

Informing responsible choices

We provide consumers with information about our brands – on labelling or online – to help them make informed choices. Our information policy applies to all Diageo-owned alcohol beverage brands and specifies coverage of allergens, alcohol content/serve size, as well as a responsible drinking reminder and mention of the website

In March 2015, we announced our commitment to provide consumers with alcohol content and nutrition information per typical serve – a first for any alcohol company. We intend to provide this information through Diageo's responsible drinking website, and/or on-pack in a majority of our markets, subject to local regulatory approval. More information is available in our Leadership in alcohol in society section.

We aim to engage consumers through cause-related campaigns and initiatives, primarily focused on responsible drinking but also on topics such as community involvement and environmental sustainability.

The relationships we develop with consumers are based on trust. When reaching consumers by email, text or direct mail, we follow the principles set out in the Diageo Marketing Code and the Digital Code of Practice. These principles apply across all our markets and guide every aspect of our marketing and direct communications with consumers. We take steps to ensure that we only contact adults over the legal purchase age and we include a chance to opt out of future contacts. We respect people’s privacy and always provide consumers with choice, control and transparency over their data.