Programmes to Address Alcohol Misuse

We put our resources and skills into programmes that are designed to prevent and reduce alcohol misuse by working with others to raise awareness and seek to change people's attitudes and behaviour.

In addition to implementing the Global Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking, we work in partnerships to support programmes to address harmful drinking, and this year we supported close to 300 programmes in more than 50 countries.

Our approach at country level is based on local needs and our market teams engage stakeholders, such health officials, NGOs, and members of the community to understand the priorities. Therefore the programmes are varied, ranging from advertising campaigns that raise awareness of the risks of excessive drinking to funding the training of midwives about foetal alcohol syndrome, and from supporting the medical profession in identifying and helping problem drinkers, to implementing initiatives with public and private partners to reduce drink driving through education initiatives, free rides, and enforcement campaigns. Please download our Drink Drive brochure for more information.

As part of our strategy for reducing alcohol-related harm, we have set ourselves targets for 2020 to support, evaluate and report on the efficacy of partnership programmes to address harmful drinking in our top 20 countries. Over the years we have learned the most successful programmes are those done in partnership with local government, civil society and our industry.

Working with medical professionals to reduce harmful drinking

12 August 2016

We’re committed to working with others to address harmful drinking, and we’ve long supported the training of medical professionals in screening and brief intervention techniques as a way to reduce alcohol abuse.READ MORE...

Campaigning to reduce drink driving in Taiwan

26 June 2015

Celebrity endorsements, a multi-media approach, and close collaboration with partners including government agencies all played their parts in a successful campaign to reach thousands of people in Taiwan with a simple message: 'Don't drive if you're going to drink!'.READ MORE...

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