Building Thriving Communities

We know that Diageo will only succeed if we work within a broad community of people, businesses and agencies to create shared value. We have a responsibility for, and a clear commercial interest in, ensuring that our people, our suppliers, the communities around our operations, our customers and consumers, and society at large all thrive as a result of Diageo's business.

As a successful business, we create significant wealth directly within this broad community through our daily operations, by creating great products, providing jobs, paying local duties, and sourcing ingredients, services and materials from suppliers. But creating shared value in a lasting way extends beyond this – to addressing development challenges such as capability gaps or access to clean water, advocating high standards of governance, rewarding our own people, and supporting farmers and other suppliers as they help us build a sustainable value chain.

In this section:

  • Our people
    Our people are at the heart of our success. We want them to be the best they can be in an environment that is safe, welcoming, and engaging.
  • Community empowerment
    We contribute to the communities in which we work through local wealth creation, through programmes that invest in individuals' skills and empowerment, and through water, and advocacy and awareness programmes.
  • Sustainable supply chains
    Our supply chains create value directly to local economies, and enable us to support and build capability among the communities in which we work. We work closely with suppliers to ensure we have sustainable, ethical supply chains.
  • Customers and consumers
    Working closely with the businesses that retail our brands is vital for a long-term, sustainable business – while winning and retaining the trust of consumers is at the heart of our business ambition.